Using Shakespeare’s Language Assignment – due Monday, May 21

Hear Ye, All Pre-APeeps! I haveth a small online assignment for thou.  Go-eth to the link below and discovereth your Shakespearean name.  Then leaveth me a Shakespearean comment using some of the Elizabethan terms on page 42 of your study guide.  Don’t forget-eth to includeth your real name along with your Shakespeare name!  Make this fun!  Show-eth your scintillating creativity!

Shakespeare Name Generator

Ok, so now that you’ve got your fabulous Shakespearean name, leave a Shakespearean comment below using the Shakespeare words from your packet.  Sign your comment with your Shakespearean name AND your real name!


Cleopatra Andronicus (aka Mrs. Sanders)

P.S. Click here for some great examples  (not all of them are fabulous, mind you, but many of them are awesome) from Peeps Who Have Gone Before!  (You’ll need to scroll down past my post to read their responses).

Poetry Project To-Do List: Tuesday, April 13

Greetings Pre-APeeps!

Edmodo is down this morning, so here is your to-do list for you time in the lab today:

1. Finish finding images (at least 10) and save them to your file.

2. Import them to a Photostory Project and arrange them the way you want them to show up.

3. Be sure to SAVE YOUR PHOTOSTORY TO YOUR FILE.  It defaults to “My Videos”, so BE CAREFUL!

4. Create your transitions and crop your photos as you like.  You can also control the focus of your pictures – whether it scrolls from full screen to a specific area, for example.

5. Plan out how you’d like to narrate your slides.  Click “Next” until you see the big red button in your workspace.  There you can type in what you’d like to say over each slide.  Consider it your “script” for when you’re ready to narrate.

6. Create your title slides.  (See your project handout for details.)

7. Find music, whether it’s your own mp3 or you find something suitable at If you find music at, right-click the mp3 file you want, select “Save Target As”, and save the file to YOUR SHARED FILE.  Import your music into your project.

7. When each step above is complete, you’re ready to narrate.  Come get a microphone headset from me, and plug it in to the right spot on the front of your computer.   To narrate over each slide, just click the red button.  If you make a mistake or want to start over, click the little “back arrow button”.

8. You will want to play around with the volume of your imported music so that it doesn’t overpower your voice.  

9. When everything looks and sounds the way you want it to, you’re ready to MELT!  Melt your project into the file labeled “MELTED PROJECTS GO HERE” and call it “First name last initial FINAL”.

Happy New Year!

Wow – did those couple of weeks fly by or what?  Seriously, though, I am ready to be back at school!  I crave routine, so despite the craziness and chaos of everyone being back at school, it’s what I’m accustomed to and I love it.

So my Pre-APeeps will soon be embarking on an technological experiment!  We are in the early stages of creating a Middle Earth character.  My hopes are for us to go digital with our finished products!  I have discovered a safe, educator-friendly social networking site called  Once we’ve got all aspects of our characters mapped out,we’ll create webpages for them – a Middle Earth myspace network, if you will.  It’s all very experimental, but as you guys know, I have tremendous faith in your flexibility and patience with my techie-ideas! 

 In the meantime, we’ve got to finish up The Hobbit (although I suspect that many of you found it irresistable to finish the book over the break)!

And oh yes – semester exams are looming before us.  I’ve sent out a two-week calendar to you all so that you know what’s going on!

So what are everyone’s new year’s resolutions???  Do tell, do tell!

P.S. LOST starts February 2!!!!

Did someone say ADVENTURE????

The Hobbit by J.R.R. TolkienGreetings & Salutations, my fellow Middle Earthlings! 

While your fellow classmates are slaving away in their other classes, you will be embarking on an incredible adventure – a Hobbit adventure, that is.

Over the next two days, your quest will be to fulfill four Hobbit tasks.  I’ve even set up a special place at which to begin your journey:

There and Back Again…A Hobbit Adventure Edublog

We will start reading The Hobbit on FRIDAY if all goes well, so if you don’t have your copy with you in class, please be sure to have it then.  Our class copies are very, very limited, which means that if you’re lucky to secure a class copy, you may not be able to take it home each night. 

By the time you leave the lab today, you should have finished AT LEAST Adventure 1 & 2. 

Viva la ADVENTURE!!!

There and Back Again…A Hobbit Adventure Edublog


poe-grave-2These couple of weeks around All Hallow’s Eve are some of my favorites of the year!  POE IS MY HOMEBOY!  :)

I hope that yesterday gave you a BRIEF insight to the GENIUS that is Edgar Allan Poe.  He was a brilliant, tortured writer who wrote about the miseries and horror that he lived.  

Today we’ll explore his life and works a little deeper.  The link below will take you to a FABULOUS website that will not only teach you more about Poe’s life, but will give you an opportunity to take an in-depth look at Poe’s work and his distinct STYLE.

Put your headphones on and plan on spending some SERIOUS time exploring this website!

Knowing Poe

Hopefully after today, you guys will know…Poe.

 Mrs. S

Here’s a downloadable copy of today’s handouts, should yours walk home with someone else this afternoon…

Knowing Poe-Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Knowing Poe-Interactive Timeline Organizer

 Knowing Poe-Interactive Scavenger Hunt, Day 2

Welcome back!

To Do List NothingI hope you all had a restful three-day-weekend!  Don’t you wish EVERY weekend was a three-day weekend?

I’ve got your first offical Edmodo online assignment details!  We’ll complete one or two of these every six weeks!


Q1. What is the assignment?

Your assignment is to write a narrative (a story, fiction or non-fiction) inspired by one of three photos I provide to you. 


Q2. How long does my story need to be?

I’d like your narrative to be at least 5 paragraphs in length


Q3. What, specifically, must it contain?

Your narrative must include the following:

  1. A clear beginning/middle/end
  2. At least 1 – 2 main characters
  3. A recognizable setting
  4. An identifiable conflict/resolution


Q4. How do I turn this in, exactly?

You may turn your assignment in two different ways:

1. Type your narrative directly into Edmodo using the Assignment Alert that was sent to you

2. Type your narrative into a Word document, save it to your computer, and upload it into the Edmodo Assignment Alert.


Q5. How will I be graded?

Your assignment will be graded based on:

            A. Story Structure (does your narrative have a beginning/middle/end?)

            B. Story Elements (plot, setting, character, conflict, resolution)

            C. Conventions (spelling, punctuation, grammar)




Q6. So…what do I write about exactly?

I’ve selected three different photographs to inspire you.  Choose one, and write a creative story about the photograph that you chose.  It can be based on something that’s really happened in your experience, or it can be completely and entirely from your imagination.  Just be sure to stick with your criteria (see Q3)!

Want to see your photo options?

Photo Option #1

Photo Option #2

Photo Option #3

Upload the entire assignment with the photos by clicking the link below:

Edmodo Writing Assignment #1

 As always, please let me know if you have questions about the assignment.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to find access to a computer if you don’t have one at home!  The library is open every morning at 8:15, as is MY CLASSROOM.  

See ya’ on the flip side,

ice ice baby



 Mrs. S






Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!!!

Howdy Lions!  Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts and welcome to my website!  

I always feel a delirious combination of exhilaration and exhaustion at the beginning of a school year.   I have been working hard to get things ready for you all, and yet it’s only just the beginning!  So many possibilities!!  

I hope you will take advantage of the information you’ll find here on my website.  I encourage you to take a look at some advice from last year’s 8th graders – they created some videos just for you!   Click HERE to see them!

Another valuable link here on my website is our class calendar.  See over there to the right?  There’s a heading titled “PAGES”.  One of those links will take you to our class calendar, so you’ll always know what’s up.  CLICK HERE to see it!  Check it often as it changes often!

Yet another VERY HELPFUL  place to look will be the Virtual Classroom File Cabinet.  It’s exactly what it sounds like – a “file cabinet” full of our class assignments.  So if you happen to misplace a handout or your dog/cat/hamster/sister eats an assignemnt, most of the time you can download and print out a shiny new copy by visiting the Virtual Classroom File Cabinet!

Lastly, you can subscribe to my website by entering your (or your parent/guardian’s) email address into the form in the top right-hand corner of this page.  Then you’ll get an email every time I post a new entry to the website. 

I know that I threw a ton of stuff at you today, and combined with all the other stuff that your Lions’ teachers threw at you, I imagine that your brain is pretty much fried.  (Mine is too, truth be told!) 

SOOOOOO to help you out, here’s a list of what I’ll be expecting you to turn in to me by Friday:

1. The Survival Guide Parent/Student signature page on the back of your Survival Guide.  

2. Your Internet Permission form and the Lions’ Adventures in Technology Handout – both with your parent/guardian’s signature.  (You can find both in the Virtual File Cabinet if you’ve misplaced them!)

3. Your parents’ homework assignment titled “In a Million Words or Less” (also available on the Virtual File Cabinet).

I’d love it if you’d go ahead and drop me a comment – say hello so that I know you were here!  (Don’t worry if your comments don’t show up right away – I must approve them first…)

**BTW – a special howdy to all of you leaving comments here tonight!  I feel so verrrrry popular!  (ok so I bribed you but still…)   I should have mentioned this in class, but please please please leave ONLY your first name and last INITIAL in your comment, guys!  Kthnxbuhbye, 


Mrs. S

Advice From Peeps Who Have Gone Before

Well, Peeps, our time together is coming to a close!  It’s been a wild ride, but I hope you feel like you’ve come out it a stronger student and ready for your Pre-AP classes in high school.  Next fall, I’ll be facing a class room of poor little baby 8th graders, and will begin to whip them into shape like I did you all many months ago!

I loved watching your advice videos!  I think they’ll sufficiently scare/prepare my new Peeps-in-Training next year.  So many of them were hilarious and yet full of useful words of wisdom.  I’ll be adding them here over the next couple of days, so be sure to come back and see them all!

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