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Use the following links to gain insight/knowledge about Tangerine, our next in-class novel.  The answers may not always be found on the page you are linked to – you may have to explore the website until you find the answer!  Be sure to type the URL exactly as it is printed here.



 Read this article and interview with Edward Bloor, author of Tangerine:

1. Why would Edward Bloor have a good feel for middle school students?  In other words, what experience does he have that helps him have insight into the middle school mind?

2. What was his inspiration for Tangerine?

3. What did Chris Williams from St. Petersburg like about Tangerine?


 4.  List the novels that Edward Bloor has written and the year which they were published.

 5. What is the name of his most recently published novel?

 6. Name at least two of the characters from the novel Tangerine.

 7. Name at least one of the awards that Tangerine has won.


 8. Enter the city/state name “Tangerine, Florida” into the blanks to see a map of Florida.  Name the six lakes close to Tangerine.


 9. How much would it cost to purchase 32 lbs of Honey Tangerines?

www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_lls/fatalities_us.html (don’t forget the “underscore” between the “i” and the “l”!

 10. Which state had the highest number of lightning fatalities from 1990 – 2003? 

 11. Which state had the least?

 www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_pls.html (again – remember the underscore)

 12. If you were attending an Organized Outdoor Athletic Event, and you feel your hair standing on end and/or hear a “crackling noise,” what must be happening?


13. What is a sinkhole?

 14. If you’re a Floridian and a sinkhole opens on your property, who ya’ gonna call?  (list three places you could contact)

 15. What is the underlying cause of sinkholes?


16. Where does most sinkhole damage occur?

17. Which type of rock is present in Florida?  Evaporite or carbonate?


18. What causes muck fires, according to this article?

19. What three things provided the perfect conditions for the muck fire?

20. Besides smelling really bad, what other inconveniences did this muck fire cause?

21. Why did they have to close the local interstate highway?

22. When did this muck fire occur?


12 thoughts on “Tangerine Webquest

  1. I’m really excited to read Tangerine. It looks really good. I think since we looked up sinkholes and lighting fatalities, that something like that might occur. Apparently it’s in Florida. Tangerine , Florida. The author Edward Bloor seems like a great writer, so I’m really really EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


  2. This, book sounds very intriguing (ding!).
    I think its crazy that he is blind, I mean, how do you play soccer blind!?
    But its going to have natural disasters?
    Hah, but, can’t wait!


  3. Marisol and samantha,
    We are very curious about what the book is going to be about but based on what we read we think it will have some thing to do with middle scholl kids being involved in the destruction of the citrus groves!
    We can’t wait to read it!

  4. I think the book Tangerine will probably be cool to read because of the things that i saw other people on the guys page they all said that it was cool and you would always be guessing and it sounds interesting………….

  5. [mercedes]=[m]
    [andi] = [a]

    [m]its going to be a exciting book full of adventures
    [a] it sounds interseting and that it could be very suspensiful.

    And andi should get extra credit for doing all the work and typing.

  6. I think the book will be about a guy who loves NASCAR so much that he quit his job and lives out in the country.

  7. We think it will be a good book because Edward Bloor seems like a cool writer.

  8. crystal-i think this book is about a boy and he dosen’t like his parents and the have ha strom of muck fire and something happens to them

    maya jones- This book will be about a boy who lives in Florida and does not like it because of all the forest fires.

  9. we think that the book is a little wierd but it will be a good book because you picked it

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